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Buy Spain Properties SL, specialists in Spanish realestate since 2005.                       Monday to Friday, 09.30am - 17.00pm
Our Services We Offer And Charges.

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NIE,    Notary and POA,    Property registration,    Electric and water reconnections,    Translation,    Mortgage arrangement.

Notary and powers of attorney:
Our Notary service: Our 500 euros fee covers: NOTE: Only relevant to properties that do NOT have a bank ID starting with H. The properties starting with the bank ID H, our agency fee has been included in the approximate fully inclusive price.
Powers of attorney for an individual or couple. (if you give powers of attorney from a country outside spain and pay yourself, then deduct 60 euros from the above figure of 500 euros.
Collection of appointment ticket numbers the previous day.
Visiting the Notary and arranging the necessary document needed most times for obtaining the NIE.
Printing and filling in of application form/s for NIE.
Printing costs for printing a copy of the contract, nota simple and any other documentation needed for obtaining the NIE.
Payment in the bank for the taxes for the NIE.
Returning back to the police station and supplying proof of payment and obtaining the actual NIE document.
Obtaining an exact breakdown of the costs of the Notary, Registry, Taxes etc and sending you by email for making the transfer.
After the signing and completion of sale, returning to the bank again to arrange the building insurance. (Cost of buildings insurance not included).
Taking possession of your keys.
Scanning and sending a copy of the new deeds, insurance etc then sending you a copy by email. Collection of the new title deeds and nota simple.
Buy Spain Properties SL.
Calle Ferrocarril de Alcoy 42, Pta 8.
46701, Gandia, Valencia, Spain.
Tel: (0034)962871853 or 674890837.