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Property subject to campaign.

Conditions of the Campaign

The properties selected for the Campaign are assigned a "reference guide price", this not being considered as a contractual offer; the reference price is merely indicative, the bidder will have to specify in his offer the price at which he is willing to acquire the property, being able to present offers of the indicated "reference guide price" or superior, the seller having the option to accept of deny the offer..

This campaign has a limited duration so the offers must be submitted during the 7 days after the publication of the property within the "campaign" being a requirement the client must have visited the property. This period can be extended by an additional 7 days if there were pending visits requested in that period that could not have been made.

After the period has ended, all offers of higher offers or of the reference guide price will be studied, if higher offers, then the highest offer will be accepted, if only offers received are for the reference guide price, then it will be the first offer placed, will be the one that is accepted. All other offers will remain in a waiting list and should the offer that has been accepted, the client not sign the contract and pay the deposit, then the property will be passed to the next one in the waiting list, and so on.

The property may, at any time, be removed from the campaign, or offers rejected or contracts cancelled if the client cannot justify with documentation that the money has not come from a legal source, regulated by the spanish law "Law 10/2010, of April 28", prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism.

Reference price: The reference guide price collected in the information on this property is not the final sale price but a merely indicative price. As a result of the foregoing, the offeror shall specify the price at which he is willing to purchase the property in his offer, and the seller may accept or reject said price.