NIE Number, what is it and what’s it needed for.

If you are buying a Spanish property, you will need the NIE to buy the property itself and pay the transmission taxes, opening a bank account, contracting or changing the mains services into your name, buying a car, or even contracting a Spanish mobile phone, you will need this Spanish Fiscal number.

The NIE can be obtained from various Police stations in major cities in Spain, the problem is the only issue so many a day, and the waiting list once you have applied for a previous appointment can be as long as 4 weeks. You can obtain the NIE from the Spanish consulate in your country, again with a previous appointment.

So what do you do, you come to Spain, found a property, and need the NIE straight away to open a bank account, or for signing a bank contract should you be buying a property from a Spanish bank.

Fast Track NIE Service: We offer a 48 hour Fast Track service for obtaining your NIE number and original document, you will need to be there in person, so the staff can actually see that its you, and that you match the photo in your passport, but if you cannot be there, you can give Maria Albuixech as 1000´s of others have, powers of attorney to obtain the NIE for you in your absence. If you are worried about giving powers of attorney to Maria, you can speak to any of the Notaries in Gandia where she is well know for her professional conduct and honesty.

The price per NIE obtained is 100€, although this covers Maria´s fee to obtain the NIE in 48 hours or less, plus paying the taxes, but if you give Maria powers of attorney, you will have to pay the Notary for this fee directly.