Notary and power of attorney.

When buying a Spanish property in Spain, you can sign a contract which is legal between you and the owner (or the bank if the property is bank owned), but the completion of the sale will have to be carried out in front of the Notary, who will check to make sure the new deeds will be correct, and the property is sold free of debts and charges, and most of all, that the property is legal and fully registered.

So why does the notary need to be involved and cost you extra money?. The notary is an intermediate between the seller, the buyer and the land registry, without the Notary, you will not be able to register the property in your name in the land registry of the town that you are buying in.

What else can the Notary do for you?.
The Notary can do a vast amount of legal documents, more than any lawyer, if you want to do a last will and testament, even if you go to a lawyer first, the Notary will have to draw up the will deeds and then witness them, and then register the will itself, this is why many Spanish go direct to the Notary directly not using the services of a lawyer for legal documents.

Powers of attorney.
The Notary is the only legal entity in Spain to grant a power of attorney, which is very useful for clients who cannot be here in Spain to get the NIE number, complete the purchase, reconnect services or change the contracts into your name or sign any private or public document relevant only to the property you are purchasing. The powers can be very open or very limited, you decide what goes in the powers of attorney. Depending on the number of pages in the power of attorney, to what it will cost you, but range in our experience from 55 euros to 80 euros.