Found a bargain, but needs reforming?

No matter how much work the property needs, Buy Spain Properties SL in collaboration with Costa en Sol, can offer highest quality work at excellent prices.

Depending on the property you have purchased and what your plans are for the property, whether its to rent, use or sell, we can offer a free no obligation quote, with onsite translation between you and the builder Cristofer

All quotes are agreed verbally, then written in English, the English quote is presented to the client to check all is correct, once the client agrees that all the work he or she wants done is in the quote, it is translated into Spanish for the builder, he will then give a fixed price for all the works listed and plan of payments.

All work is carried out with the correct permissions and licenses of the townhall to make sure the reform is done legally with no problems from the neighbours.

Below, we have put some videos of previous works, all of which have had some or all the electrics replaced due to old wiring and plumbing replaced due to old or damaged pipes.
In each video, there is the before and after the work was completed, and describes what had to be done and what work was carried out.

The following properties were reformed under 7,500 euros, these are the most basic reforms that have been carried out, only one of the properties needed a door replacing, hence keeping the price down. Neither of the 2 properties had new bathrooms, just repaired, had new kitchen units but tiles remained the same. The same owner of both properties did not want to spend a lot of money, only to look good and make them rentable.

Almoines first floor apartment

Almoines second floor apartment

For properties that needed a lot more work, these following properties were all reformed within a budget of 15,000 euros or lower. All of these properties were totally rewired, new plumbing, new bathrooms etc.

Oliva second floor apartment

Oliva fourth floor apartment

Gandia second floor apartment

We do not just do budget make overs, no matter how large, our team of builders, architects, electricans, plumbers, can handle the job.
This property below, was for total reform, just keeping the existing front door and the floor (apart from the bathrooms and kitchen which were replaced). The apartment below, had such high quality windows and 3 of the highest quality 3kw air conditioning units, just for these two things, just materials alone was 10,000 euros, without the cost of the rest of the reform. Total cost for everything came to 31,500 euros including building permissions, but now the owner has a property in the most sought after part of the historic center of Gandia, which is now worth approx double what it costs him originally for the apartment and the reform.

Gandia apartment in the historic center