Step 1 to make money in Spain. Buy the Property.

At Buy Spain Properties SL, aswel as selling properties ready to move in and live, we also have hundreds of properties at very low prices, of which 99% of them need reforming, electric and water reconnecting.

No matter whether you are looking to buy, rent or just for your own use, these properties that are being sold well under the market value can be easily reformed by our qualified team of builders, to give you that high quality end result reform, in the style you want, for well under the market value.

So, step one involves previously coming to visit the properties, contacting any of our staff by whatsapp, email or phone call, telling them what it is exactly what you want, and what you intend to do with the property when purchased, our staff will then give honest advise if the property is suitable, and if physically possible, even go and make a video for you, so when you arrive to Spain, you will have pretty clear what the properties are like when you visit.

Our staff organize everything, from reserving the property, translating contracts, organizing NIE, opening a bank account, and even accompàning you to the Notary to complete, we offer a one stop package for all our clients.

If you have heard or read on the internet about cowboy builders in Spain, not finishing the job, taking the clients money, etc, with our company there is no need to worry, we can show you works in progress, works that have been finished, and if wanted, we can supply contact details of previous clients who have been extremely happy with the work that was carried out.

Step 1. Watch the video.