Burglar alarm.

Why do you need a burglar alarm?
If your Spanish property is empty for a considerable amount of time, there could all ways be the possibility of getting robbed, or even worse getting illegally occupied.

We are official collaborators of the most well know alarm company in Spain, and the UK and Ireland.

So why contract a burglar alarm via our company?
1. You get a free initial site survey by an English – Spanish speaking technician, he will then tell you what you will need installed, the true cost, but then what it will cost you using Buy Spain Properties discount, so we here at Buy Spain Properties pass this discount on to you, so you will save 100´s of euros compared to contracting directly with the alarm company.

2. If you agree on the installation price and monthly fees, the technician will carry out the installation there and then, and then setup and explain everything that you need to know regarding your new alarm system.

3. Should your alarm go off when you are not here in Spain, if you do not answer the phone, the system will then automatically call Phil or Maria, to explain if it’s a false alarm, or in the worst case that your property has been broken into and the Guardia Civil have been called to catch the robbers, or in the case of illegal occupants to evict them straight away. (Illegal occupants can only be evicted within 48 hours of them breaking in, this is why it’s so important to have an alarm, so the Guardia Civil can take them away without any delay.)

4. Via the alarm APP, you will be able to switch on and off the alarm, as well as take photos from the sensors, giving you piece of mind that your property is ok.

5. Also as well as Buy Spain Properties passing on their discount to you, you also get a special offer price of a Sentinel, which monitors your property for smoke, excessive heat and cold, air quality, and also humidity. Should there be a leak, the humidity level rises, and sets off the alarm.

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