Insurance, house and rental.

House insurance.
Now with the banks also being owners of the major insurance companies or linked to them, the banks can offer some excellent insurance packages tailored to your needs, from the very basic house insurance to fully inclusive. The policies are available in various languages as are the helplines should you have a problem and need to call.

If you would like a quote for house insurance, María Jesús will just need a copy of the referencia catastral which can be downloaded by filling out the address etc, using this link Catastro online, select Calle/Numero, fill in the details and click the “DATOS” button.

Rental protection insurance.
If you own a Spanish property and rent it out full time, before taking on the next renter into your property, we highly recommend using a company that we are official collaborators of, to us a rental protection insurance, so how’s it work?

1. You find a potential renter for your property, you agree the price per month, and the conditions, but then stipulate that the potential renter will have to pass the scoring of the rental protection insurance company.

2. You give María Jesus´s telephone number and tell them to call her.

3. María Jesus will tell the potential renter what documentation they will have to supply her to submit for scoring.

4. María Jesús will then upload to the insurance company the documentation she requested, as well as the rental property details etc.

5. In a matter of just a few days, the company will come back to María Jesús stating that they have passed the scoring and the insurance company are will to take them on, or failed and request not to rent to that particular client.

The rental protection covers all legal fees to get the renter evicted in the event of non-payment, without this rental insurance could cost you in between lawyer’s fees and court fees etc, in excess of 1500€.

Who pays the insurance, this is between you and the renter, but generally the cost is 50/50 between you both.