N.I.E EX-15

Fiscal identification numbers for foreigners

You have probably heard of this before, and still may not know what it is, whats it used for, and how to obtain it.

So lets start at the beginning. The NIE is short for Numero de Identificacion de Extranero, is a Foreigner Identification Number issued by the Administracion General del Estado (General Administration of the State) and is a fiscal identification number for foreigners.

What is it used for? Only valid in Spain, it is used to buy a property, pay the property tax, buy a car, contract a mobile phone, to work etc.

So how do I get one? if you are in you own country, contact the Spanish Consulate and make an appointment to go to the consulate to apply for you NIE, you will need to fill out the forms before you go, and pay the taxes, the consulate will send you the links to download the documents online. Once you have been to the consulate, they then send you application to Madrid, Spain, where your application will be processed and your NIE sent to your email.
This is a slow process and can take upto 2 months.

If you are in Spain, and speak spanish, then you can go online, make a previous appointment, then fill out the EX15 document, fill out the tax documents online, go to the bank and pay the taxes, then simply go to the police station with the documents filled out correctly, a passport photo, and a photocopy and original of your passport, and normally they issue the NIE there and then.

If you are struggling with the process, please contact María Jesus (Tel +34674890837) and enquire what she can do for you and the charge for the service that you need.