Land registry, Nota Simple.

Members of the Registradores de España

Philip Vincent Coombs is a fully registered member of the Registradores de España, thus has very quick access of any Spanish Nota Simple for all of Spain.

If you need any type of Nota Simple, no matter if its to check a property that you are thinking of buying, its a property that you are selling and you want to make sure there is no debts or problems, or even to check what properties someone owns, use our service and save lots of money not having to contract a lawyer to do the same job.
Please note: If you are using this service to find out what properties a certain person owns, if that person owns for example 30 properties, the registry will issue 30 Nota Simple´s, of which each one will cost you €20.00.

So whats a Nota Simple, and who needs it?

If your a buyer or a seller, a nota simple (simple note), is a document issued by the Spanish land registry which states the following information about the property;

Land registry where the property is actually registered.
Details of the property, to make sure the property is registered.
Owner of the property, to make sure the owners name matches the person selling the property to you.
Financial state, whether there is an outstanding mortgage or not, and the amount outstanding.
And the most important of all, if there are any debts and charges.

I am a buyer.
If you are looking to buy a property, with the address, gps co-ordinates, catastral reference, the council tax number, or just the owners Spanish ID number and name, we can order online and get you all the information in 24 hours.
Update 18th January 2021, we can now order the nota simple in English or Spanish, although for perfect wording, we suggest the Spanish version, and we can translate for you if needed.

This is a good way to make sure the property is legal, debt free and registered before signing any contract and paying a deposit.

I am a seller.
If you are selling your property, the buyer, or the lawyer or legal person who is looking after the purchase will request the nota simple, to check that all is correct, including your details, that all is registered and the financial state of the property.

I have a family member who has died.
If you have a family member who has died in Spain, you can order a different type of nota simple that can tell you exactly what properties this family member owned when he or she died.

Update 18th January 2021. Please contact us should you need a nota simple, we will order the document from the land registry and normally we will receive it the same day as ordering, or at the latest the next day in the morning, once we have received the document, we will contact you to make the payment by paypal or bank transfer, whichever method you prefer, and once we receive confirmation of the payment, we will send you the Nota Simple by email or whatsapp.