Property management

Property management

If you plan to purchase a Spanish property, or currently own one, and you plan to rent out the property, but still live in your own country?

Renting a property without being in Spain can be difficult, problems with the property while being rented usually are problems with electrics, water, leaks, or something broken or not working. How do you sort any problem with your property when you are not here?

Hence many clients in this position, take the hassle factor out of renting by employing an agencies or someone who specializes in property management to look after the property for them.

So what does property management entail, and what the standard service covers?
If the property to be rented, and is given to our company to rent out, we charge the first month’s rent as our fee for actually renting the property, this includes the cost of writing the legal property rental contract, no matter if furnished or unfurnished.
If the property to be rented, and is rented by another company, it will be down to that company to write the contract, or if you prefer that you have a fully legal and binding contract written by our legal department, the cost will be 100€.

So now the property is rented, this is when the property management kicks in so to speak.
Firstly, our maintenance team will go to the property, with a extensive checklist, and check all is working and in perfect order, making sure the general state of the property is suitable for rental, taking photos and video as evidence should there be any dispute between the owner, and then renter, when the time comes that the renter leaves and wants his or her security deposit returned.
During the period of rental, should the renter have any problems with the property, they are given 3 email addresses, depending what type of problem they have with the property, as well as an emergency contact number, in events of no electricity or water. At no point will the renter have any contact with the owner, the only contact the renter will have will be with the property management agent.

Once we have been contacted by the client, depending on the problem, we will then arrange if the problem is covered by the house insurance, for the insurance to visit the property with us, to ascertain if it’s covered by the property insurance, or if the damage has come from an issue with the neighbours property, then covered by the neighbours insurance. Sometimes the insurance company will send their own builders or tradesmen to fix the problem, or in other cases they will pay a fixed amount and then our company will organize to have the problem fixed.

if it’s not a case of having the insurance come, i.e., faulty electric sockets, leaking tap etc, we will send our maintenance team in, charging you just for the work and materials used, with no call out fee.

In the case that the washing machine, fridge freezer, oven, hob or extractor is not working, our maintenance team will visit the property, asses what the problem is, and if it cannot be fixed, and if needs replacing, will supply to the owner the best priced alternative, and if agreed by the owner, we will then organize to have the replacement delivered and installed. The owner will pay for the replaced item, delivery and installation, but not the organizing of all which is covered in our monthly fee.

Should the owner notice that the rent is not paid one month, the owner will contact us by WhatsApp or email, we will then contact the renter, ascertain the problem, and if needed visit the renter, collect the rent in cash and deposit the money in the owners account, and send image of proof of deposit to the owner.

In the case that the renter refuses to pay, if we have powers of attorney, then we can start court proceedings to evict the renter for lack of payment.

When the renter’s contract is finished, and they decide not to extend the rental contract, we will visit the property and supply a written report to the owner stipulating whether the return of deposit is needed, or the property is not in the same condition as when was rented, and the security deposit retained.

Should you want us to attend the community meetings on your behalf, this is not covered by our monthly fee, due to the fact community meetings can go on for hours and hours.