Spanish Buying taxes, Model 600

Buying taxes, Model 600

Bought a property direct from the owner without a lawyer?
If you have bought a Spanish property without a lawyer or legal adviser, then apart from actually buying and paying for the property, the first thing you will need to do is pay the purchase taxes, which for a residential property which is second hand is 10% of the price in the title deeds.
Please note that if you are buying a plot of land with no house, a parking space or garage not linked to a property, or any type of commercial property, the taxes are 21%, if you are unsure, always check prior to signing a contract and paying the deposit.

This process is carried out online, and when all is correctly filled out, we can validate the information with the tax office, and if no errors, we can then generate the documents you will need, print, and then pass to you or direct to your bank to be paid. For more information regarding the modelo 600, you can visit the website of the ATV Generalitat Valenciana (in Spanish only)

After this is paid, it will have to be presented to the notary and land registry, with the original copy of the deeds, so the registry can register the property in your name.

If you have no lawyer or legal advisor, we strongly suggest that you employ our services to generate the Modelo 600, it can be done by yourself, but to ensure you do not have problems later with the tax office, or when the property is being registered by the land registry, that the forms are filled out correctly and the correct taxes paid.