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María Jesús Albuixech, a Spanish national but lived in Ireland for many years, returned to Spain in 2003, which since then she has been involved in the real estate market. She works close by some of the best lawyers and notaries in the area of La Safor, in the province of Valencia.

As well as owning her own estate agents, she is also a “Trusted Agent” for some of the banks and investor groups, which means if they have clients who speak English, they will also pass the client to María Jesus to deal with, due to her professionalism, quickness to respond to the client, and her knowledge of the area and the properties.

You will always be given totally honest advice, and María Jesús has no problem to place a lower offer to the banks, not like some other agents who want the top commission for selling at the full price.

If you are looking for an excellent priced Spanish property in the areas of, Marina Alta and Baja in the province of Alicante, or the areas of Ribera Baja & Alta, as well as the popular area of La Safor where she is based, please do not hesitate to contact her, she will do all she can to find you the right property, at the right price, and then help you from start to finish through the buying process, even up to going to the Notary with you to complete the purchase.

You can contact María Jesús by telephone in English if needed, as well as by email and WhatsApp.

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