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Our team of bathroom installers can transform your exsiting old bathroom, into the bathroom of your dreams in just a few days, including changing the pipes, and if the main pipe for the toilet is moveable, then there is a possibility to change the complete layout of the bathroom as well.

They can also install an extra bathroom where previously this was not possible by using a Saniflow waste pump system, which can pump waste water upto 5 meters high, and for many meters along, to connect with the main stack pipe of your property.

As well as changing the complete bathroom, if your tiles are ok, then you could do the following things to update your bathroom.

Change your bath for a walk in shower.
Many of our clients have opted for this, it means removing the old bath, changing the plumbing of the location of the taps, changing the drainage to the correct position, installing a high quality virtually floor level rectangle shower base, re tiling the area, only where the shower is in a similar tile or something very different, and then installing a high quality shower screen.

Changing the toilet and bidet.
If you have an old toilet and bidet, depending on the model you choose, being Nerea which is the cheapest, you can change the look of your bathroom , with our bathroom fitters being able to change the toilet and bidet in just a few hours.
To give you an idea of costs, a Nerea toilet can be purchased for approx 73 euros including flexy hose (previously 43 euros but prices have risen drastically in the last year), obviously at this price you do not get a really sturdy toilet seat though and ok rental purposes, but if you are planning to change your toilet for your own permanent use, then we suggest purchasing at the moment the Pack WC Akron, currently reduced to 115 euros until the end of December 2023. We do not only install cheap toilets and bidets, we can accompany you to purchase the toilet and bidet that you like and for the money you want to spend. Our bathroom fitters will advise you if need a vertical or horizontal exit for the toilet etc.

Changing your sink for a vanity unit.
This is a very good way to give your old bathroom a new and modern look, we can remove your old pedestal and basin, and install a vanity unit of your liking and to suit your budget. They come in various sizes, so no matter how big or small your bathroom is, we can supply and install the correct size of vanity unit. When installed, normally we install with new tap, and new P Trap to make sure you have no problems in the future. There are many models available, including many colours to choose from. Alternativley if you would like to buy the vanity unit, sink and tap yourself, our bathroom fitters will be happy to install it for you. Here are a few examples of different models and sizes.