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If you own a property in Spain, and the property was built before 1995, then chances are that your electrical system may not be up to standard and in some cases may be dangerous.
Why? Some older properties when wired, used one curcuit and one curcuit breaker for the whole property, in most cases, just using 1.5mm wire, this was ok many years ago due to the fact that people used to cook with gas, had very little electrical applicances, no electric radiatiors etc etc.
Really 1.5mm cable is designed only for lights, not for things such as a kettle, fridge, heaters and other modern appliances that use a lot of power, if you suspect that all is on one curcuit and your wires are 1.5mm, please contact us to have a site survey, this could save you having an electrical fire in the future.

The correct wiring sizes are as follows.
6mm – Electric oven and hob etc.
4mm – Water heater, washing machine etc.
2.5mm – Electrical 16 amp sockets.
1.5mm – Lights throughout the property.

If your property is all electric, Your general main fusebox, should have the following curcuits, apart from the main switch and the automatic switch, you should have the minimum of:
2 – 16 amp, 1 curcuit is for dry sockets, maximum 20 sockets per curcuit, and wet sockets 6.
1 – 10 amp, 1 curcuit is adequate for 30 lights, but if you are having ceiling fans with lights, then best to have extra curcuits installed.
1 – 20 amp, 1 curcuit is adequate for 3 items, generally dishwasher, water heater, and washing machine, although our company link to break these into 2 curcuits, 1 for the dishwasher, and one for the water heater and washing machine.
1 – 25 amp, 1 curcuit is just for the oven and hob if electric.
If you are thinking to put electric radiators, and air conditioning, then both these items will require a seperate curcuit breaker and seperate wiring.
In the case of radiators and air conditioning, we recommend 1 – 25 amp for each.

In the case that your properties wiring and fusebox are not upto code, there are a few options that can be done, depending what is found when the site survey is done, these can be:

Option 1.
Main fusebox is old, wiring is all 1.5mm, sockets are the old 2 pin stlye, and no earth to general fusebox and lights.
In this scenario, we suggest a complete rewire, which means cutting the walls with a special machine, minimising dust, place new boxes, new tubes, and wiring, including new fuse box and new sockets and light switches. Please note that the property will need decorating again due to where the walls have been cut to place the tubes and boxes. (Please see our Painting and decorating section).
For this option, we use high quality Simon 27 products for the sockets and light switches, as you will see from below, the socket and light switch faces come in outlets of 1, 2 and 3, and then the suitable insert, is inserted into the face plate, and connected. As with this option, a lot of building work is needed, if possible we install a new fusebox in the wall, such as the one in the image below.
Please note: There are cheaper brands of sockets and light switches on the market, in our opinion they are lower quality, and the manufacturers give a very short guarantee, if you are on a tight budget, we can install Simon 27 Play sockets and light switches, they are the same mechanisms as Simon 27, just the faceplates are not quite as nice, but still have the quality.

Option 2.
Main fusebox is old, some of the wiring is 2.5mm, some is 1.5mm, sockets are the old 2 pin stlye, no earth to general fusebox nor to the sockets and lights.
In this scenario, as long as the existing tubes are big enough, we can do the following, with very little dust, nor the need to redecorate.
Check the whole property for incorrect wiring, replacing the 1.5mm wires with 2.5mm wires where needed using exisiting, install thoughout the property new socket and light switches, install a new fusebox, and then run a plastic conduit round the top of the wall to the kitchen to install the correct power cables for the oven, hob and washing machine etc.
This option can be carried out complely in a few days, and is drastically cheaper than option 1.

Option 3.
The wiring throught the property is of the correct size, but you sockets and light switches are old, broken, discoloured, or even the old 2 pin system.
In this scenario, we can change all the light switches and sockets for you. depending on the amount of sockets and light switches throughout the property, but normally all can be changed in just one day.
If your sockets and lights switches are the very old style, then in general we install surface mounted, to prevent any mess or building works. The sockets can be with, 1, 2, or 3 outlets, depending on your needs.

If your sockets are old, but the standard size, we can change them using the same sockets and light switches etc, the same as in option 1.

Option 4.
The wiring throught the property is of the correct size, all sockets are in good condition, but your general fusebox is the old type, with no mess, and just an hour or 2, we can change your fuse box. (Subject to the cables being long enough inside the existing fusebox).

Please see below our photo refence guide, so you will be able to look and see if you property is not up to electrical code.

Old types of sockets, light switches, and fusebox.