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Painting and decorating.

No matter if its just a room or a few walls need painting, to your complete property needing repainting, our team of painters can adapt to your needs.

We breakdown the process of painting to the following.
Empty property that needs all painting, doors, frames, walls and ceilings.
Our team of painters own professional compressors, and spray guns, if the property needs totally painting, they make good and repair all the walls and ceilings, then remove door handles and mechanisms, and then repair the doors and frames, including sanding down.
The doors are placed against a wall, and 2 coats of undercoat are sprayed, at the same time they spray the door frames with the same 2 coats of undercoat.
Next they spray paint the doors with 2 coats of Satin coloured washable paint, (colour can be chosen by the client), then they spray the door frames with 2 coats of the same paint.
Next day the paint on the doors and frames is dry enough to continue with the masking up process.
They mask up all windows, skirting tiles, lights, newly painted door frames, and cover up newly painted doors with sheets.
If all the walls and ceilings will be in the same colour white, they then proceed to spray all the ceilings first in each room followed by all the walls of the property, normally 2 coats of paint will cover, but if the exisiting paint colour is dark, then 3 or 4 coats may be need to cover the old colour.
When all is dry, they take the making tape, sheets etc, put the doors back on the frames, installing if wanted new mechanisms and door handles to give that fresh and modern look, or use the existing ones which were previously taken.
If you prefer the ceilings in white and the walls in a differnt colour, this process is more time consuming and expensive, as the ceilings have to be sprayed first and left to dry, then making tape and paper has to be put round the edge of the ceiling to prevent over spray when painting the walls, also please take into account, a good 15L bucket of white paint costs €58.99 (previously €50.99, prices have risen drastically in the last year), whereas a 4L small bucket of coloured paint costs from €25.99. (Prices are correct, April 2023, and may vary, please contact us for updated prices.)

Your property is furnished.
If your property is furnished, the property will have to be painted the old fashioned way, you will need to arrange the furniture in such a way that our team of painters can cover the furniture, and still be able to paint with paint brushes and rollers.
In general, they will paint room by room, when one room is finished, they go to the next one. To paint a property this way compared to spraying an entire empty property is more expensive, a lot more time consuming, and uses more paint, therefore please contact us so we can visit the property and give you a quote.