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Have you just bought or own a Spanish property and the water pressure is very low? if yours is an older property, the chances are that if the pipes are steel, then they maybe corroded inside with rust, thus making the hole in the tube to small for the water to pass by freely.

Whether you are suffering from low water pressure, or you plan to change the location of the kitchen, or add an additional bathroom, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are specialists in large plumbing installations.

Normally a plumber just does the plumbing, so you have to find a general builder to do the rest of the job, especially when having the property totally replumbed, with Buy Spain Properties this is not the case, our plumber is also a general builder, so he can cut the walls, install the new pipes, fill the walls, and even tile them for you if wanted.

We use the highest quality multi capa (PEX) pipe, with machine crimped fittings for the water, and PVC pipes for the drainage, using high quality materials and installing properly, once your property has be redone, will be good for many years to come, but if for any reason you do have a problem in the future, all our work is guaranteed to give you peace of mind.

Update: We can now supply and install the latest technology Hybrid water heaters, they have a heat pump, which takes the heat of the air, and with its heat pump converts this in to hot water, the water heater also has a 1200w element to help out should the water heater need it.

Statisics show that this type of water heater can reduce the energy consumption of electricity by as much as 50% compared to a water heater of energy class B.
Yes, they are more expensive than a standard electric water heater, but with electricity costs so high, in a short term you will recuperate the extra cost spent.