Internal doors and carpentry

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Internal doors and carpentry.

If you have not decided to go for the option of updating youyr exisiting doors in our painting and decorating section, the a good way to change the internal look of your property is to change the doors, architrave and door handles for new one, new doors can be excpensive to buy if solid wood filled, we can install top of the range doors for you, but if you are on a budget, we can give you the same look as more expensive doors for half or a third of the price.
In general new doors come in 3 standard sizes, older properties in Spain, sometimes have exisiting lower height doors or non standard widths, in this case, our door fitters can mark the walls, cut down the sides and tops of the exisiting hole, then fit the new door to the new size hole. (please note, if the walls need to be cut for the new size doors, this will entail a large amount of dust).
We are able to purchase also doors and frames from as little as 55 euros, so no matter what your budget is, you choose the doors of your taste and budget, and our door fitters will fit them for you.
There are many models to choose from, our door fitters can accompany you, to help you make sure the correct type doors are purchased, including the correct way they open.

Building flat pack furniture.
Have you bought flat packed furniture from IKEA or another store, only to find you cannot put it together or do not have the time, we can come and put all your flat pack furniture together for a flat rate, whatever time the company recommends on the box to put the furniture together, we will charge you for that amount of hours, no matter if we are quicker, or indeed take longer than the company recommends.
If you have bought a complete pack of furniture for a complete apartment, in less than a week, we can have all the furniture built for you, and help you place it all in the desired position in the apartment, including drilling and fixing to the walls where needed.